It's No LYE......

Interconnectedness with others is essential to living a happy and healthy life! Please read on...

It's true! We are reopening our online soap store (!!

During the Spring of 2021, we decided to sell our home in Vermont and relocate. We loved our home, our neighbors, being close to family, and our decades-long friendships. Sometimes, however, situations present themselves that force us to make changes. As a result, we closed our online soap store, and I temporarily put soaping on the back burner. We have since landed in a lovely small town in Southern Maine where we are in the process of establishing new opportunities.

Since our move, I have missed the familiarities of our home state. I feel blessed to have many friends and family members who keep in touch. Several folks who bought and used my soaps in the past have been asking me if I would start making and selling my soap again. These requests sparked a reminder of how much I love making soap.

Not only do I enjoy making soap, but soaping is also a way for me to stay connected in a very personal way with those who use my products. All of my soaps are made with my own hands. I only make small batches which allows me to have more control over the selection and quality of the ingredients. Some people might think it sounds odd but I only make soap when I am in the right mindset because I don't want negative energy transferring into my soap. When you receive and use my soap, I can honestly guarantee it was made with a lot of thought and a lot of care. All of my soaps truly come straight from my hands and heart to yours.

I hope you will try my soap! More importantly, I hope they make you smile and feel the love and positive energy that is being sent your way.

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