New Beginnings

Yes, we truly are a very small family-owned and operated business. While I started making soap myself, it didn’t take long for my husband to show interest and start helping out on occasion. I think he started to recognize the joy and satisfaction in creating something wonderful and unique with your hands. Thankfully, he has been able to bring his woodworking skills into our soap making business by making soap trays to complement a few of our lines of soap. Our new soap making venture has given us a fun new opportunity to work together on projects. Projects that we ultimately hope will bring as much joy to others as it has to us. Just last week we launched our new WASPs soap series that is dedicated to the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots of WWII. This series consists of 3 miniature airplanes, each made with goat milk and a specific essential oil known to have properties that enhance courage, strength, and radiance. We sold out within 6 days! Don’t worry, we will have more WASP sets crafted in no time so please check back with us over the next few weeks. We are thankful that within a rather short period of time our soap business seems to be taking off. This of course would not have happened without the support of our friends and family who helped spread the word. Thank you!! We feel blessed and excited to see where this new venture takes us.

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