Season of Giving...

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year because of the sense of joy, celebration, and community that the holiday season brings. It's the one time of year where people show care, compassion, and love towards one another. We are all moved by the spirit of giving and tend to give more generously to our family, friends, and neighbors. This type of generosity and love warms my heart and inspires me to want to carry the spirit of Christmas with me throughout the year. The spirit of giving boosts dopamine levels in the brain and generates feelings of happiness. It makes me happy when I know I can touch the heart of another by showering them with kindness, or by relieving them of some stress or burden they have been holding. Any gesture of kindness, compassion, and love, no matter how big or small leaves an impression on the heart. To show my care for my customers I am offering all of them a one-time discount of 15% on their next order with Backyard Herbals by using the following Promo Code: #GIVELOVE Also, customers will receive a small collection of our giving heart mini soaps. This offer will extend through July 31st, 2021. Happy New Year!! #GIVELOVE

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