Stand Tall in 2021

What’s so special about New Year’s anyway? Well, after a year like 2020, many people see it as an opportunity for a new beginning. One thing the collective majority across the World would agree on is that the year 2020 presented multiple challenges, causing it to be perhaps one of the most dismal calendar years in a long time. But was it truly the worst year in history? While 2020 will forever be remembered as an exceptionally unprecedented and stressful year, it does not necessarily stand alone as the worst year ever. Perhaps just the worst year our younger and some middle-aged generations remember. If you look back through history however you’ll recognize multiple years and events that were far more challenging than 2020.

The Coronavirus has often been compared to the 1918 Spanish Flu which killed approximately 675,000 Americans during the pandemic. History shows that much like 2020, 1919 also had one of the largest call outs for racial justice.

Could 2020 have been worse than 1861-1865, the time in which the American Civil War took place? Historians have marked 1862 as the height of the American Civil War and the bloodiest and most stressful year for Americans. On September 17th, 1862, 23,000 men were killed in one day in one battle alone. What about the timeframe between 1830-1850 when Native Americans were forced to give up their land by the US Government?

Could 2020 have been worse than 1939-1945 with a six-year-long War of the World? During World War II there was an estimated death toll of 45 to 60 million people worldwide, with an estimated 6 million alone being Jews.

Perhaps the issue is our mid to younger generations, myself included, have not had to endure a major National crisis or Worldwide catastrophe since the September 11th attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, or the Gulf War in 1990-1991.

Don’t get me wrong, I am just as happy as the next person to say goodbye to 2020. The last calendar year threw multiple challenges at me and my family. Some of which are forever life-altering. However, much like multiple generations before us, I know, this too shall pass. As we enter a new and unpredictable year, the one thing I continually remind myself is that with every ending is an opportunity for a new beginning. 2020 marked the ending of my 20 year-long career, but the beginning of my new soap making business. Like many of you, I have no idea what the next chapter of my life will bring but I plan to approach it with optimism and hope. As a result, I am in the process of creating a new bar of soap, simply called HOPE. It will be available in our online store within the next week.

I hope your 2021 brings you peace, joy, prosperity, and all that you seek. Happy New Year!

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