What do you like to do in the shower?

People frequently ask me which soap I would purchase if I was shopping on my site. It’s a difficult question to answer because we all have varying tastes. The even more complicated part is that anyone of us might desire something slightly different on any given day of the week. That’s why we have so many different selections in our store. What scent and style suits one doesn’t always suit someone else. I’ve been thinking about how best to answer folks without swaying them towards an option that might not be best for them. While I am happy to share recommendations, ultimately the choice is up to the individual. I can share with folks which soap we have in our shower at home. Yes, we use our own soap. We would not sell it to you if we did not use it ourselves. Currently, on my soap shelf, I have our Lavender Goat Milk, Rose Himalayan Sea Salt, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Goat Milk, The Good Faith Bar, both of our shampoo bars in our line, and a smaller version of the Zen bar. Sometimes as a soap maker, you get what’s leftover or a smaller version :) On my husband’s soap shelf you will find our Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, Hickory & Suede Activated Charcoal, a sample of the Lord Stanley, and a sample of our Coconut Lime Verbena Sea Salt. He is a huge fan of the feel and scent of our Hickory & Suede soaps, which happen to be the most popular soaps in our men’s line. I can also tell you that the other soaps we tend to sell the most of are our Lavender Goats Milk, The Good Fath Bar, The Tree of Life, Rose Goat’s Milk, the Zen Bar, and Rosemary Mint. The good news is there are lots to choose from. Check out our store if you have not done so yet. Just the right scented soap is waiting for you.

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