Serenity Botanical Bath Soak

Serenity Botanical Bath Soak

Feeling stressed? Allow yourself to unwind with the incredibly soothing scents of our Serenity Botanical Bath Soak. It can also be used as a foot soak. The Serenity Botanical Bath Soak is made with a blend of mineral-rich Himalayan, Dead Sea, and Epsom Salts. Sea Salts are high in magnesium which is very soothing for the nervous system. We have added a dynamically calming combination of essential oils and herbs to enhance your relaxation experience. The Serenity Botanical Bath Soak comes in a 5-ounce reusable heart-shaped glass bottle and is decorated with a small heart-shaped charm that can be added used on a bracelet, necklace, etc. 


5 Oz

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Dried Rose Petals, Dried Calendula Flowers, Dried, Orange Peel, Dried Crushed Bay Leaves, Serenity Fragrance Oil

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